Lorie Hainsworth

Client Testimonials

"I have been watching Lorie's website for a few years because I am just enamored with her talent.  The homes are amazing and unique which is just what I'm looking for in our home. We had some house plans drawn up by our architect.  I asked Lorie to look them over for any potential problems and tweaking.  Lorie found things in our plan that I never even noticed but were very important to the overall function and appearance of the house.  She really looked at every single line and measurement on the plans.  I would definitely recommend Lorie to look over any house plans because she will find improvements.  She answered so many questions for us.  We took her advice on everything and we are so happy!" -Noelle

"Lorie has the artistic eye to make a home look and feel beautiful. She helped me pick out rugs, bedding, furniture, picture frames, paint colors, plants, and more to make my home feel like my own personal sanctuary. I’m OCD so I am a difficult client to work with, but Lorie’s patience, attention to detail and ability to truly listen to my personal goals for my home put me ease. She helped me decorate two of my homes and when people walk in the first words they say are, 'Wow, Gorgeous!'  My husband and I always say we feel like we are on vacation living in our home. Lorie helped create a home where I feel rejuvenated and relaxed, a home I simply love." -Sonja

“I had a great experience when we moved into our new home working with Lorie. She was wonderful and really made sure to understand my style and vision. I received so many compliments on my home after she was done, especially the paint colors which compliment the transition between each room in our home. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” - Jeannie

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